Here are our lovely Conyers Cat breeding girls. They are chosen for their personalities,  genetic health, and their ability to be great mothers ...  with their health and well being always being at the forefront.


Jaspurrcats Candy Kisses of Conyers Cat

Candy is a dignified gorgeous red and white girl that is a fabulous mother. Her exquisite kittens are sweet, full of purr-sonality and are big healthy beauties. She is a great bed buddy and her hobby is napping. 


Champion Sempercoons Darla of Conyers Cat

 Darla is a silver patch tabby (also known as a silver Torbie) meaning that she is a silver cat with patches of reddish peach color. Darla has no idea that she is a cat and is thoroughly convinced she is human. She is a big affectionate girl that can't get enough snuggles and she can't give enough kitty kisses. A huge thanks to Jeff and Cheryl Holmes of Sempercoons for this sweet beautiful girl. 

Hobby: Assisting Carpathia in cat burglary and hijinks! 


Conyers Cat Spice Girl

Spicer is a gorgeous big brown patch tabby girl  (also known as a brown Torbie) meaning that she is a brown tabby with patches of red. Because she is with white, she is close in appearance to a calico.  


Champion Conyers Cat Miss Adventure (Hot Tamale)

 Hot Tamale is a tortoiseshell beautiful red and cream throughout her luxurious black coat. Tamale is full of personality and loves to play. She is a fantastic mother and has produced a true calico kitten for us.

Hobby: Social networking... she loves interacting with our other cats, playing with every toy in sight and socializing kittens - even those from other moms! 


Champion Conyers Cat Carpathia to the Rescue (Patty)

Patty is a striking silver classic tabby with white girl. She's extremely smart and passes that intelligence to her kittens along with her beauty. Hobbies: Stealing human snack food, magic tricks including opening kitty safe treat containers and hogging the limelight.


Conyers Cat Lorelei

Lorelei is another of our fantastic mothers. She is a very poised and gentle girl that loves to bird and squirrel watch. She is our resident earth mother. If she were human, she would be teaching yoga, clipping coupons, and visiting the sick. 


Champion Sempercoons Darla of Conyers Cat

Darla is a stunning patch silver tabby with patches of peachy red intermingled with her beautiful silver. She is a beauty queen and wows with her beautiful big eyes. This girl is absolutely mesmerizing.   Hobby: Playing the diva!*

* Correction: She is the Diva


Champion Conyers Cat Tempest at Sea (Tempe)

Tempe is a brown patch tabby (torbie) meaning she is a brown tabby with patches of red. She is a large girl and has a long lush coat that sparkles in the sun. She is a loving girl and great mother. She throws large kittens that have great type. Hobby: Commenting on everything! She's a talker.  


Champion Conyers Cat Lana Del Mar

Lana is another of our gorgeous brown patch tabby girls. She is a big dramatic girl that is a great mother. Her kittens are gorgeous and full of personality.