This is a challenging time with many changes due to COVID-19. We are still in business and are currently healthy and enjoying our wonderful Maine Coon cats and kittens. I work at the local hospital and may delay in responding to your messages. I will respond as quickly as possible. Stay safe and use precautions. Beth


We have new litters available. Please see "AVAILABLE" page.  

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KITTEN OR RETIREE INQUIRIES Our cats and kittens are adopted quickly, so reach out to reserve your FUR-ever friend or to ask any questions. Fill out this form to receive information by return email. Note: Information is not shared with any group, individual or organization.

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Our cats and kittens are adopted quickly, so reach out to reserve your FUR-ever friend or to ask any questions. cats and kittens

Conyers Cat Maine Coons

4963 Lake Forest Drive, Conyers, GA 30094, US

(404) 401-5050


                                  Located in Conyers, Georgia near Atlanta ~~~ Established in 2001

Dedicated to breeding healthy, socially well adjusted, and genetically sound Maine Coon cats. We use a number of methods to assure the health of our cats and kittens. These methods include ultrasound examination by a veterinary cardiologist for cardiac and renal disease, DNA testing and using lines that are historically negative for cardiac disease. 

All kittens are examined by a veterinarian prior to placement in their forever homes. Our Conyers cats are well socialized, are raised under foot and are treated as family members. Registered by the Cat Fancier's Association (CFA) and/or The International Cat Association (TICA).


Our cats are shown in CFA and TICA cat shows which serves several purposes: 1. Independent judging of our cat's conformation, disposition, and general health ensures that we are holding to accepted standards of appearance and characteristics that define the breed. 2. To get the opinions of other breeders and fanciers and suggestions for our breeding program. This makes for an overall stronger cattery program. 3. It tells us something of the individual cat's personality when challenged by all the sights, sounds and smells at the shows. 4. As a bonus, showing is fun! 

I am an active member of several organizations: 

 · Cotton States Cat Club: Established in 1938, Cotton States Cat Club, Inc. is affiliated with the Cat Fanciers Association, Inc. (CFA) and is the 2nd oldest CFA Cat Club in the United States producing consecutive annual shows. http://cottonstatescatclub.org 

· CFA Maine Coon Breed Council: The breed councils are comprised of individuals experienced in their chosen cat breed who serve as an advisory body on breed standards to the CFA Executive Board.  http://Cfa.org or http://cfa.org/Breeds/BreedsKthruR/MaineCoon.aspx 


Happy, Healthy Bloodlines

Great Family Members

Maine Coons are the largest domestic cat. They are loving gentle giants that are truly companion cats. They want to be with individual members of the family whatever they are doing. Females range from 8 to 16 pounds and males from 12 to over 30 pounds with a few individual cats either smaller or larger. The Maine Coon colors and patterns can include various colors except they cannot be pointed like a Siamese cat. 

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